• Stronach Township Hall
  • Big M Trailhead
  • Stronach Township Park
  • Winter Wonderland on the Little Manistee River
  • Stronach Boat Access
  • Claybank Park
  • Deer Hunting in Stronach
  • Marzinski Trailhead
Stronach Township Hall1 Big M Trailhead 2 Stronach Township Park 3 Winter Wonderland on the Little Manistee River4 Stronach Boat Access5 Claybank Park 6 Deer Hunting in Stronach 7 Marzinski Trailhead8

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Stronach Township is located in southwestern Manistee County, just to the east of the community of Stronach, on the east end of Manistee Lake. Almost all of this double-sized township is contained in the Manistee National Forest, with the Little Manistee River running through its center, emptying out into Manistee Lake at Stronach. There are many things to do here, including fishing, hunting, horseback riding, hiking and snowmobiling. To the east are located Udell Hills, a scenic, wooded area complete with fire tower and plenty of places to ski and hike.

The origin of the community of Stronach goes back to the mid 1840’s, when John and Adam Stronach settled here to build a sawmill, starting the Stronach Lumber Company. Later, the town received a station on the Pere Marquette Railroad, which led to its growth and development during the Lumber Era.

The residents of Stronach Township take great pride in the history, natural beauty and rural residential feel that is encompassed within the township. Come and see what Stronach has to offer to potential new residents and visitors alike!

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